Hey folks!!! Konnichiwa!! Namaste!! Shalom!! Ciao!! I am Amarinder Oberoi and welcome to my blog. I am a practicing doctor, precisely a pediatrician, and love traveling to new locations, trying weird cuisines, staying in hostels and meeting new people. This blog is about my travel anecdotes when not donning a stethoscope or treating my baby patientsโ€ฆMoreover, itโ€™s about living the destinations and voyaging within the confines of a 9 to 5 jobs without burning a hole in the pocket!!!!!

Vietnam- Planning a trip

Vietnam is the most sought out country to be visited. Plan ahead and figure out what options you have when going to Vietnam. Click here for a complete guide of planning a trip to Vietnam.

Ho Chi Minh City- Things to do

There’s so much to do in HCMC, Vietnam. What will you take on? Be it the architecture or the nightlife you can explore them all… Click here to read the things to do in HCMC aka Saigon.


Ever wondered why Pondy is called the French Riviera of the East… Apart from the French Colony, Puducherry has so much to offer; Surfing, Scuba, partying…Read here and explore the things to do in Pondicherry.

Cu Chi Tunnels

How do you want to experience the magnificence of the Vietnam War? Explore the Cu Chi Tunnels to get a glimpse of the war and why not try hands-on AK-47. Read here about a day trip to the Cu Chi Tunnels.

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