About me

Hi all… Welcome to my blog!!!!!!I am Amarinder Oberoi, the owner of this page.

Like everyone else around even I love travelling. The idea of starting my blog struck me after my first international trip to Vietnam in Jan 2020. Though I am a passionate traveler but it only comes after my love for medicine. I am a practicing doctor and love to write.

Unlike, other travel bloggers who are full time nomads I dont wish to quit as a Pediatrician….Atleast for now!!!!Especially after studying for 13 years in med school… The doctors reading this know the pain…..

Off roading in Jaisalmer….

My blogs will focus more on what places can you visit, the dos, the donts, the must: all within in the constrain of a regular job. All the stays and travels will be in budget or hostels. Also I ll update my itineraries, local food, where to have them, adventure activities etc etc….

A section of my blog also focuses of stories from my experiences as doctor both serious and hilarious.

So sit back and enjoy…. Live the journey with The Nomadic Stethoscope…..